Our Prayer Group has a chosen patron and we chose to be under the patronage of the Infant Jesus. We are especially devoted to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in his infancy, who, though a God, humbled himself to be a small child to show us his fathomless love for humankind. His many virtues like humility, simplicity, and obedience, are for us to make reflections and to imitate.


The devotion to the Infant Jesus is worldwide and over the centuries it has attracted a great many who appeal to him in every need. This devotion was originated in Spain. In the 17th century, a Spanish princess, seeing the Carmelites in Prague, Czech Republic, in total destitution, gave a statue of Infant Jesus to them, saying, “I hereby give you what I prize most highly in this world. As long as you venerate this image, you will not lack anything.” Her prophecy was fulfilled. So many graces were received that it was called “The Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague.”