January 17, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We have successfully celebrated our Silver Jubilee of the feast of the Sto Niño, the Holy Infant Jesus. The pious tradition of the Santo Niño is a story rich in history and devotion. The Santo Niño is looked upon as a powerful symbol of faith, the very symbol that made our mother country a Christian nation. Each year, the numbers of devotees have increased with the promise to start the year with a renewed life and spirit.

The Tri Valley Sto Niño prayer group has gone a long way in our devotion and continues in our commitment to bring more devotees to our beloved, Señor Santo Niño. Year after year, we have been blessed with so many people together to make each and every fiesta a memorable and joyful event, giving glory and honor to God. Once again, we have celebrated another milestone in our devotions and give thanks to God the Father for the numerous blessings received from him in our devotion to His Son. As we continue to proclaim God’s Love by our words and actions. Let us be his hands, feet, eyes and body here on earth.

On behalf of the Tri Valley Sto Niño prayer group, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous support, dedication and for the generous monetary and non monetary donations that has made this celebration a success.

We sincerely acknowledge each and every one of the coordinators, members, families and friends that contributed to the success as we strive to achieve our goal to further evangelize our community and uphold our culture and heritage.

In Jesus Christ,